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Sterna Marine - Technology
We are choosing with you the best development technology available for your software project.

Our credo is :
  • Quality : avoiding any possible bugs while writing code : this pass through the use of static strong typed and expressive programming language such as Ada or Swift.
  • Predictive : using exception (error) handling throughout the code, contractual in/out verifications (aspects); and if available using formal methods.
  • Multi-tasking : no blocking code ! Synchronous and asynchronous communication between systems and modules.
  • Performance : no JVM please, just plain compiled machine code for your target.

As for the system targets, we mainly develop for :
  • Unix : Linux, FreeBSD, … commercial Unix™’es
  • Mac OS-X workstations
  • iOS for Digital handhelds
  • Real Time systems (RTOS) : RTEMS

So sorry, no Microsoft Windows™.